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Hwashi experts will explain why the projection welding nut is incorrect welded

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Hwashi experts will explain why the projection welding nut is incorrect welded
Latest company news about Hwashi experts will explain why the projection welding nut is incorrect welded

Hwashi experts will explain why the projection welding nut is incorrectly welded.


There are two reasons for the virtual welding process and power supply.One is the process, nut projection welding needs to adopt a hard standard process, that is, a short time, large current, the projection or projection boss in the moment of power in the contact area to generate huge heat, and the plate to generate an effective solid phase connection;Two is the power supply, DC spot welding machine has higher thermal efficiency and better bunching effect, so that the projection spot or boss is easier to form a connection with the plate, especially the capacitor energy storage projection welding machine, in a very short time to release huge energy, is a better choice of projection welding.


Guangdong Hwashi Technology INC. is specialized in the production of series resistance welding machine (spot welding, touch welding, seam welding, row welding, butt welding) and industrial robots (six axis mechanical arm, welding robot, and loading robot, transfer robot, grinding and polishing robot, painting robot, glue robot) research and development, design, production, sales, service as one of the high-tech enterprises.Products are mainly used in household appliances, kitchen appliances, lighting, hardware tools, electrical and electrical, instrumentation, 3C electronic industry, auto and motorcycle parts, military aviation and other fields.According to customer needs, we can develop and customize various welding machines, automatic welding equipment and welding assembly lines, assembly lines, etc., to provide appropriate overall automation solutions for enterprise transformation and upgrading, and help enterprises quickly realize the service of transformation and upgrading from traditional production mode to middle and high-end production mode.


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