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Hwashi mid-frequency spot welder anti-electric tips


Latest company news about Hwashi mid-frequency spot welder anti-electric tips

Hwashi mid-frequency spot welder anti-electric tips


Welding machine series products all use electricity, medium frequency spot welding machine is certainly no exception. Seismic measures are particularly important in the process of using electricity. So, how to prevent the mid-frequency spot welder from being electrocuted? Next, Hwashi editors will give you some considerations for using automatic spot welders.


First of all, the welding clamp insulation of the medium frequency spot welder must be reliable. The use of shellless welding pliers is strictly prohibited to avoid accidents. This is Guangdong Hwashi Technology INC. automatic medium frequency spot welding machine, as well as other series of spot welding machines in front of the factory have been strictly checked. At the same time, the housing of the automatic mid-frequency spot welder must be grounded. The purpose of grounding is to prevent the spot welder from accidentally touching the housing and causing live injury. It is essential in all cases. The ground body of automatic spot welder can be widely used in naturally grounded electrodes, such as water pipes, metal structures of reliably grounded buildings, etc. However, the use of flammable and explosive pipes as materials for natural ground bodies is strictly prohibited. If the resistance of the natural ground electrode exceeds 4o, it is best to use an artificial ground body, as this may result in an electric shock accident or even a fire. If you want to move the automatic spot welder, you must cut off the power supply. Do not move the spot welder by pulling the cable. If you experience a sudden power failure, cut off the power immediately to prevent a sudden electric shock.


Another thing raised is that construction workers should also take good measures to prevent electricity. Gloves must be worn when replacing the welding rod. If clothes are soaked in sweat, they are not allowed to lean against metal objects. Prevent electric shock. If the mid-frequency spot welder is to be serviced, the power switch must be switched off and there must be a clear disconnect gap, followed by a pen check to ensure that the power supply has been cut off before service begins.


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