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Hwashi spot welding machine manufacturer information: how to issue a red letter VAT special invoice


Latest company news about Hwashi spot welding machine manufacturer information: how to issue a red letter VAT special invoice

Hwashi spot welding machine manufacturer information: how to issue a red letter VAT special invoice


Issue special VAT invoice?After the general VAT taxpayer issues the VAT special invoice (hereinafter referred to as the "special invoice"), all or part of the sales will be returned, sales discounts, invoice errors, suspension of taxable services, etc., and every other month, and the invoice does not meet the invalid conditions, only the special invoice in red letters can be issued.(Hwashi spot welding machine manufacturer)


Hwashi spot welding machine manufacturer information: Who is responsible for filling in and uploading "Red letter VAT Special Invoice Information Form"?


VAT must be paid before special scarlet invoices are issued.In the Invoice Tax Control Invoice software, click "Invoice Management - Scarlet Invoice Information Form".In the drop-down menu, there is a red letter VAT special invoice information form to fill in and export publicly.First click to fill out, fill out, then click Export Information Form, then click Upload.There are two ways to fill in and upload the "information form" :(Hwashi spot welding machine manufacturer)


1. If a buyer for the deduction of the special invoice, the buyer is responsible for filling out the information table "and upload, when fill in the information table, don't fill in the corresponding invoices information blue letters, and" information table "listed in the input VAT should transfer to deduct tax temporarily, stay red letters special invoice from the seller later,Together with the "information sheet" as an accounting document.


2. If the Seller has issued a special invoice and has not delivered it to the Buyer, and the Buyer has not declared the deduction and returned the invoice combination and the deduction combination, the Seller shall be responsible for completing and uploading the Information Form and the Seller shall fill in the Information.The appropriate blue letter special invoice information should be filled in the form.


Hwashi spot welding machine manufacturer information: issue a special red letter VAT invoice


After you click and upload the Information Table, tax authorities in charge will receive the Information.Taxpayers upload "worksheets" through the Internet, so the network must be kept open.After automatic verification, the system will generate an "information table" with a "red letter invoice information table number" and synchronize this information to the taxpayer's system.(Hwashi spot welding machine manufacturer)


The seller prints out the "Information Sheet" with the "Red letter Invoice Information Sheet Number", then opens the blank special Invoice, then clicks the red letter Issue Information directly after completing all steps, fills in the form number and prints out the invoice.At this point, a red letter invoice will be issued.


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