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Recommend the benefits of servo-driven intermediate frequency spot welder to you


Latest company news about Recommend the benefits of servo-driven intermediate frequency spot welder to you

Hwashi experts recommend the benefits of servo - driven intermediate frequency spot welder to you



The servo pressure intermediate frequency spot welder can realize the rapid conversion of various pressures and realize the closed-loop control of real-time self-checking pressure.The welding effect is more perfect, stable, more suitable for military industry, aerospace, titanium alloy and other high quality parts welding.Aluminum alloy, dissimilar metals, etc.


In order to ensure productivity and process quality, in addition to high positioning accuracy, good rapid response characteristics are required, i.e. the response of the tracking command signal is faster because the CNC system is starting and braking. At that time, acceleration and deceleration must be large enough to shorten the transition time of the feed system and reduce the contour transition error. Therefore, for the accuracy of work in various industries, our industrial automation also uses servo-driven pressure to ensure higher accuracy of medium-frequency welders, energy storage welders, AC welders, butt welders and other equipment. At present, mainstream servo drivers are DSP as the control core, can achieve more complex control algorithms, digital, networking and intelligent. Power devices typically use drive circuits with intelligent power modules (IPM) at their core. The drive circuit is integrated into the IPM and has fault detection and protection circuitry such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating and undervoltage. It also adds a soft start circuit to reduce the impact of the start-up process on the driver. The power drive unit first rectifies the input three-phase power or mains power through a three-phase full-bridge rectifier circuit to obtain the corresponding DC. After three-phase AC or mains is rectified, the three-phase permanent magnet synchronous AC servo electrode is driven by using the three-phase sine wave PWM voltage inverter inverter. The entire process of the power drive unit can be simply described as the AC-DC-AC process. The main topological circuit of the rectifier unit (AC-DC) is the uncontrolled rectifier current of the three-phase full bridge.


Guangdong Hwashi Technology INC. is specialized in the production of series resistance welding machine (spot welding, touch welding, seam welding, row welding, butt welding) and industrial robots (six axis mechanical arm, welding robot, and loading robot, transfer robot, grinding and polishing robot, painting robot, glue robot) research and development, design, production, sales, service as one of the high-tech enterprises.Products are mainly used in household appliances, kitchen appliances, lighting, hardware tools, electrical and electrical, instrumentation, 3C electronic industry, auto and motorcycle parts, military aviation and other fields.According to customer needs, we can develop and customize various welding machines, automatic welding equipment and welding assembly lines, assembly lines, etc., to provide appropriate overall automation solutions for enterprise transformation and upgrading, and help enterprises quickly realize the service of transformation and upgrading from traditional production mode to middle and high-end production mode.


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