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What is resistance welding?Hwashi experts will answer for you!


Latest company news about What is resistance welding?Hwashi experts will answer for you!

What is resistance welding?Hwashi experts will answer for you!


Resistance welding is a welding process in which an electric current is passed through the resistance and welding contact surface of the workpiece to generate heat and weld while applying pressure to the welding position.It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low cost, material saving and easy automation.It is widely used in aerospace, automotive, energy, electronics, hardware and other industries.According to the different welding power sources, it can be divided into power frequency AC welding machine and subpole rectifier welding machine, three-phase low-frequency welding machine, capacitor energy storage welding machine, inverter welding machine, etc.With the development of science and technology, especially the development of computer technology and power component technology, inverter resistance welding, as a new controller, has achieved a comprehensive development.It has the remarkable characteristics of high quality and low consumption and will be used in a wide range.Replace low quality, high power consumption of power frequency AC welder, capacitor energy storage welder, inverter welder, etc.


Guangdong Hwashi Technology INC. is specialized in the production of series resistance welding machine (spot welding, touch welding, seam welding, row welding, butt welding) and industrial robots (six axis mechanical arm, welding robot, and loading robot, transfer robot, grinding and polishing robot, painting robot, glue robot) research and development, design, production, sales, service as one of the high-tech enterprises.Products are mainly used in household appliances, kitchen appliances, lighting, hardware tools, electrical and electrical, instrumentation, 3C electronic industry, auto and motorcycle parts, military aviation and other fields.According to customer needs, we can develop and customize various welding machines, automatic welding equipment and welding assembly lines, assembly lines, etc., to provide appropriate overall automation solutions for enterprise transformation and upgrading, and help enterprises quickly realize the service of transformation and upgrading from traditional production mode to middle and high-end production mode.

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