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What is the reason for the rapid wear of electrodes?


Latest company news about What is the reason for the rapid wear of electrodes?

What is the reason for the rapid wear of electrodes? Hwashi answers for you

There are three main causes of welding electrode wear:

One is the choice of electrode material. Electrode materials need to be replaced according to different welding products. When welding low-carbon steel plates, chrome copper is used because of the use of chromium palladium copper. The softening temperature and conductivity are relatively moderate, which can meet the welding requirements of low carbon steel. Palladium cobalt copper is used for spot welding of stainless steel, mainly palladium cobalt copper, with a high hardness. Alumina dispersed copper is used in the welding of galvanized plates, mainly due to their high hardness. The composition of alumina is not easy to form adhesion with the zinc layer reaction, and the softening temperature and conductivity are relatively high. Dispersed copper is also ideal for welding other materials.

The second is the effect of water cooling, welding area in the welding process will be a large amount of heat conduction to the electrode, better water cooling effect can effectively reduce the temperature rise and deformation of the electrode, thereby slowing down the speed to reduce the wear of the electrode.

The third is the electrode structure, which should be designed to match the workpiece as much as possible. Increasing the diameter of the electrode and reducing the extended length of the electrode reduces the temperature increase caused by the heat generated by the electrode's own resistance.

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