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What is the selection of spot welding electrode materials?


Latest company news about What is the selection of spot welding electrode materials?

What is the selection of spot welding electrode materials ?

The Hwashi expert tells you!


In the production of resistive welding, welding parts of different materials and shapes need to be equipped with welding rods of different materials and shapes. The electrodes have an effect of more than 50% on the quality of the welding during continuous welding. Select the suitable welding material and electrode for welding. Quality is important!


1. Chromium zirconium copper


CuCrZr is the most commonly used resistance welding electrode material due to its excellent chemical and physical properties and depends on good price/performance ratio.


1. The chromium zirconium copper electrode has reached a good balance on the four performance indicators of the welding electrode:


Excellent electrical conductivity -- minimum impedance of the welding circuit is guaranteed, and excellent welding quality is obtained.

High temperature mechanical properties -- the high softening temperature ensures the performance and life of the electrode material in the high temperature welding environment.

Wear resistance -- electrode is not easy to wear, prolong life and reduce cost

Higher hardness and strength -- to ensure that the electrode head under a certain pressure is not easy to deform and crush, and to ensure the welding quality


2. Electrodes are consumables for industrial production.The quantity is relatively large, so its price cost is also an important factor to consider.Because the chromium zirconium copper electrode performance is better, the price is relatively cheap, can meet the production needs.


3. The chromium zirconium copper electrode is suitable for spot welding and projection welding of carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, coated plate and other parts.Chromium-zirconium copper material is suitable for the manufacture of electrode caps, electrode connecting rods, electrode heads and electrode supports.Electrode parts, such as rod, special electrode for projection welding, seam welding wheel, contact tip, etc.


The standard electrode head, electrode cap and heteroelectrode produced by cold extrusion technology and precision machining to further improve the performance of the density products, the product performance is more excellent, durable, welding quality is guaranteed.


2. Beryllium Copper (BeCu)


Compared with chromium-zirconium copper, beryllium copper (BeCu) electrode material has higher hardness (up to HRB95 ~ 104) and strength (up to 600 ~ 700MPa/N /mm²) and softening temperature (up to 650℃), but its electrical conductivity is much lower and poor.


Beryllium copper (BeCu) electrode material is suitable for welding high pressure plate, and harder materials, such as seam welding wheel;It is also used for some electrode accessories with high strength requirements, such as crank electrode connecting rod, robot converter;At the same time, it has good elasticity and thermal conductivity, very suitable for manufacturing nut welding chuck.


Beryllium copper (BeCu) electrode has a higher cost and is usually listed as a special electrode material.


3. Alumina copper (CuAl2O3)


Alumina copper (CuAl2O3) is also known as dispersion strengthened copper.Compared with chromium zirconium copper, it has excellent high temperature mechanical properties (softening temperature up to 900℃), high strength (up to 460 ~ 580MPa/N /mm²) and good electrical conductivity (conductivity 80 ~ 85IACS %), good wear resistance, strong resistance, long life.


Alumina copper (CuAl2 O3) is a kind of excellent performance of the electrode material, regardless of its strength and softening temperature, electrical conductivity is very superior, especially for welding galvanized sheet (electrolytic plate), it won't produce the chromium zirconium copper electrode, such as electrode stick on the parts without frequent burnish, effectively solves the problem of welding galvanized sheet, improve the efficiency,Reduce the production cost.


Alumina copper electrode has excellent welding properties, but it is currently very expensive, so it is not widely used.With the wide application of galvanized sheet at present, the excellent welding property of aluminum oxide copper on galvanized sheet makes its market prospect very broad.


Alumina copper electrode is suitable for welding parts, such as galvanized sheet, hot formed steel, high strength steel, aluminum products, high carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, etc.


4. Tungsten (W), Molybdenum (Mo)


Tungsten electrode materials include pure Tungsten, tungsten-based high-density alloy and tungsten-copper alloy. Tungsten-based high-density alloy is a small amount of tungsten-nickel-iron or nickel-copper sintered tungsten-copper composite material (tungsten-copper) containing 10% to 40% (weight ratio) of copper.


Molybdenum tungsten and molybdenum electrodes are characterized by high hardness, high combustion point and excellent high temperature performance.They are suitable for welding non-ferrous metals, such as copper, aluminum, nickel, etc., such as copper woven fabric and metal chip welding for switching, silver spot welding, etc.


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