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Why do false welds appear in spot welding process of aluminum sheet


Latest company news about Why do false welds appear in spot welding process of aluminum sheet

There are three main reasons for wrong welding in the spot welding process of aluminum plate:


First reason is that the welding pressure is too high, because the aluminum plate has high electrical conductivity and soft material, and the welding pressure reduces the contact resistance, and the heat generated is not enough to produce a qualified nugget

The second reason is that the oxide film formed on the surface of the aluminum plate is too thick and has not been cleaned.The solution is to pickle the surface prior to welding or mechanical treatment (e.g. grinding, sandblasting, etc.).


The third is the improper selection of spot welding machine.The thermal and electrical conductivity of aluminum sheets is very high and requires the use of hard specifications and DC spot welders, such as intermediate frequency inverter DC spot welders or energy storage spot welders.


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