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Copper Busbar DC Welding Machine

Copper Busbar DC Welding Machine

dc spot welder

medium frequency welding

Copper Busbar DC Welding Machine

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WL-P-MF 800K

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Product Details
Product Name:
Copper Busbar DC Welding Machine For Welding Flexible Contact And Busbar
Welding For Flexible Contact And Busbar
12 Months
Service Life:
8-10 Years
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
sea worthy wooden package
Delivery Time
7-30 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
50 sets per month
Product Description

Copper Busbar DC Welding Machine For Welding Flexible Contact and Busbar



This machine adopts the welding principle of medium frequency DC welding. Specially for welding flexible Contact and Busbar

Compared with the normal AC controller, MF controller has the following advantages:


  1. Advanced welding machine, adopt principle of MF inverter . Change the three phase AC power into DC power.
  2. Welding current is DC , no inductance , higher heat input and output efficiency , more reliable and stable welding quality
  3. Three phase load balance, power factor is close to 1
  4. Intelligent digital controller, more precise and faster control of the welding current. The adjustment precision is 20 times higher than the AC machine
  5. Reduce the production cost, save energy, reduce the requirement for cables and maintenance cost, improve the induction factor.
  6. Store energy in a special inverter, more adaptation to the fluctuation of the power grid.
  7. Smaller size and lower weight of welding transformer, one third of the AC machine .
  8. Be able to weld aluminum and galvanized material product
  9. Especially suitable for welding three-layer metal sheet or very thin product


Copper Busbar DC Welding Machine 0

Touch Screen Central part of operation for input data, monitoring and storage
Solenoid Valve Switch Manual switch on or off
Emergency Stop Button

When start, it will end the entire running program.

Note: after pressing this button, you need to power on the machine again.

Reset Button After stopping the program, press this button to reset.



The Functions and Features of Control System:

The control system is composed of controller, medium frequency transformer, and welding work pieces. The controller contains controlled rectifier, energy stored part, IGBT, power source driver, and control center part, etc.

1) 101 sets of programmable welding models, 96 sets of seam welding models. Be able to select the model directly when welding;

2) The function of welding spot current increasing progressively, efficiently solve the instability of welding effect caused by current shunt when doing multiple points welding;

3) Be able to set the preheat current, welding current and tempering current, efficiently prevent the splash during the welding and work piece quenching after welding. The 3 electric pulses can be set separately and combine separately or freely;

4) Be able to slowly increase and decrease the current, effectively avoid the splash and defective nugget formation during welding. Be able to obtain excellent physical performance.

5) Be able to weld special material, special for welding Aluminum, galvanized metal and so on with ideal welding effect.

6) Counting function. Efficiently count the number of time of welding, number of use of electrode and grinding for better output calculation and machine management.

7) Function of Single spot welding , continuous spot welding;

8) Malfunction checking and self-protecting function. During working process, controller will automatically close the output current and friendly remind the reason of malfunction;

9) Energy saving, three phase power source output, high working frequency, low consumption of transformer, significant effect of saving energy;

10) Convenient installation and operation. In the MF inverter welding equipment, the volume of transformer has been decrease dramatically compared with common AC transformer. The whole machine is light in weight. Convenient installation and operation;

11) Communication and BCD code control function. Be able to connect to industrial personal computer, PLC and other upper control device so as to achieve remote control, automation management , with higher efficiency;

12) Adopt DSP and PLD as main control unit. The electric circuit is simple, high integrated, intelligent. Decrease the rate of malfunction. Easier maintenance.



Model No. WL-MF-90K WL-MF-150K WL-MF-200K


Input power supply 3~380V 3~380V 3~380V 3~380V
Rated capacity 90KVA 150KVA 200KVA 300KVA
Max shot-circuit current 18KA 30KA 45KA 55KA
Duty cycle 20% 20% 20% 20%
Control method


constant current


constant current


constant current


constant current

Inverter frequency 1kHz 1kHz 1kHz 1kHz
Arm length 220*400mm 220*400mm 220*450mm 220*450mm
Max pressure 6KN 10KN 15KN 20KN
Electrode stroke 60mm 80mm 80mm 80mm
Cooling water ≥8L/min 12L/min 12L/min 14L/min
Welding thickness 3.0+3.0mm 3.5+3.5mm 4.0+4.0mm 4.5+4.5mm



Copper Busbar DC Welding Machine 1

Copper Busbar DC Welding Machine 2


Intelligent welding control system
Raw materials made to standard
Input and read welding parameters

Raw materials made to standard
Thicker Copper Plate or Copper Belt
To ensure stable conductivity in welding


Copper Busbar DC Welding Machine 3

Copper Busbar DC Welding Machine 4


Customized Carbon Electrode


Flexible Copper Busbar Samples


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