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Full Automatic Electric Welded Wire Mesh Machines With 400A Input Current , Long Service Life

Full Automatic Electric Welded Wire Mesh Machines With 400A Input Current , Long Service Life

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400A Wire Mesh Welding Machine

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Product Details
Multi-point Spot Welding Machinery For Welded Wire Mesh I
Welding Of Security Fence / Cage Mesh / Reinforcing Mesh / Wire Mesh
Input Current:
Air Switch Requirement:
Water Pressure Requirement:
Feeder Moving Speed:
Welding Effective Length:
Not Restricted
Service Life:
8-10 Years
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
sea worthy wooden package
Delivery Time
7-30 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
50 sets per month
Product Description

Multi-point Spot Welding Machinery for Welded Wire Mesh Indstry like Reinforcing Fence and Animal Cage




Gantry type welding machine with automatic feeding system. The worker only needs to put the material onto the feeder and press the start button, then the machine will conduct automatic welding. The machine is equipped with bothway automatic feeding system, and the welding distance could be adjusted freely. The feeder will move back and forth and conduct welding automatically. This machine is suitable for batch welding of wire mesh with multiple spots.




1.Main Body:Adopt the reinforced special design steel structure body with gantry type structure. According to the sample, it is designed with 12 groups of welding heads. The max welding width is 1200mm while the max welding length is 3680mm. It adopts reasonable stress center of gravity to ensure the stable intensity of the main body when conducting fast speed welding. At the meantime, it could provide stress supporting point and working platform for other actions.


2.Power Source System: Adopt 2 sets of 150KVA special resistance welding transformer as the welding power source. Single-spot welding. Continuous duty cycle rate is 25%; the output current is larger than 45000A. The executive standard is GB/15578-2008; the magnetic permeability of forced temperature control cooling water silicon steel sheet is larger than 12000GS; special cooling water subloop; It can ensure the output welding current of the whole machine is constant and powerful in order to obtain high quality, high efficiency, stable welding spots.


3.Welding Control System: Adopt the self-developed intelligent microcomputer quick response touch controller, all-digital control, simple and clear operational interface. Automatic testing and compensation which could guarantee the situation that the machine will be at work only when the current value is in the preset data so as to ensure the stability of welding effect and effective prevention of undesirable phenomena like loose welding and cold joint. The features of quick response and high precision of control may help you obtain high quality of welding spots.


4.Pressurized Mechanism: Adopt double-layer cylinder as the pressurized source which is control by good quality of imported electromagnetic valve and coordinated with precision-machined linear slide to pressure the electrode tip. The pressure of each welding head could be adjusted independently to ensure the stability of welding machine. Adopt the working manner that the bottom bears the stress from the top to guarantee the good contact, unimpeded, constant resistance value of secondary circuit and stable transmission of output current of welding transformer. Guarantee to obtain high efficient and good quality of welding spots.

5. Discharging Structure: Adopt shaking cylinder to discharge the product. When the products finish welding and enter into discharge area, the cylinder will rise up and loosen the welding work pieces from the mould for the sake of putting them off.  Adopt X, Y adjustable rising up manner which is convenient for discharging of different products.







Input Voltage

two-phase 380V

Input Current


Output Voltage


Water Pressure Requirement


Welding Effective Width


Welding Effective Length

not restricted

Feeder Moving Speed


Upper Welding Cylinder


Lower Welding Cylinder




We can design and manufacture the welding equipment according to your request/drawing, contact us please, we will offer you a suit solution and support you to success.



Continuous welding wire mesh whose width is within 2000mm, length is not restricted.



1.This Gantry Row welding machine is specialized in fast production of wire mesh. It is suitable for the product with more Y wire and less X wire.

2.The welding power source is three-phase. The welding manner is one-way double-layer automatic stepping feeding with 12 welding heads. (adjustable according to your product)


3.The effective welding width is within 0~ 2200mm while the effective welding length is 3000mm. (can adjust according to your product)


Functions Options:

1. Power Supply:

Type: Three-phase MF DC power supply system OR two-phase AC power supply system

Quantity: One set of power supply system or two sets of power supply system (double efficiency)

2. Feeder: Double-layer automatic feeder (cycle working, accurate stepping position via servo motor) OR manual feeder

3. Unloading Device: Automatic unloading device OR manual unloading device

4. Automatic Bending device

5. Automatic Straightening and Cutting Machine





Full Automatic Electric Welded Wire Mesh Machines With 400A Input Current , Long Service Life 0


Full Automatic Electric Welded Wire Mesh Machines With 400A Input Current , Long Service Life 1

Full Automatic Electric Welded Wire Mesh Machines With 400A Input Current , Long Service Life 2

1.Use silicon control from SEMIKRON of West Germany or IXYS of United Stated with high precision and long service life.

2.Use integrated circuit from Motorola of U.S. and PLC from Japan SIEMENS with quick response and stable performance.

3.Use Japan Panasonic intelligent touch screen control system which is installed with automatic bug alarm system.

4.Use self developed intelligent microcomputer welding control system to control the compensation for the fluctuation of circuit built-in voltage in order to ensure the fluctuation of voltage is within±15%.

5.Use South Korea SANWO pneumatic components with stable performance.

6.All the electronic components are from Japan Mitsubishi and Omron with ideal service life and performance.

7.The transformer adopts Japan high purity silicon steel sheet with good magnetic and electricity conductivity.

8.High precision all digital control system effectively resolve the problems of cold joint or loose welding due to the current shunt in projection welding.

9.Strictly comply with CE security standard to design the machine. Lower the accident rate.





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