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50KVA~300KVA Intermediate Frequency DC Spot Welder

50KVA~300KVA Intermediate Frequency DC Spot Welder

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Product Details
Product Name:
50KVA~300KVA Intermediate Frequency DC Spot Welder
Welding For All Kinds Of Metals
12 Months
Service Life:
8-10 Years
Duty Cycle Rate:
Rated Power:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
sea worthy wooden package
Delivery Time
7-30 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
50 sets per month
Product Description

50KVA~300KVA Intermediate Frequency DC Spot Welder




Medium frequency inverter DC resistance control system: Refer to the following picture, the three-phase AC current has been rectified into DC. Then convert into medium frequency 1000Hz square wave and connected into primary of welding transformer through inverter circuit which is composed of IGBT. After the rectification through welding transformer, the current become DC with small pulsation and being supplied to electrode for welding. The inverter will adjust the duty cycle rate of IGBT according to the feedback of primary and secondary welding current so as to achieve constant current during welding process.


50KVA~300KVA Intermediate Frequency DC Spot Welder 0



Compared with the normal AC controller, MF controller has the following advantages:


1. The current in secondary welding loop is DC. Dramatically reduce the impact to the welding current due to the inductive reactance in secondary loop when conducting welding to the work piece.


2. The weight of transformer is reduced greatly. It is light and convenient. The weight and size of the MF transformer is only 1/3 of the AC type transformer. Suitable for robot welding system.


3. Prolong the service life of electrode


4. Be able to weld material like aluminum, galvanized steel, etc. with good welding performance.


5. Especially suitable for three-layer plate welding, ultrathin material welding and precision welding.


6. Less splashes.


7. Increase control of current and welding quality.



50KVA~300KVA Intermediate Frequency DC Spot Welder 1

 Touch Screen

Central part of operation for input data, monitoring and storage 

Solenoid Valve Switch

Manual switch on or off

 Emergency Stop Button

When start, it will end the entire running program.

Note: after pressing this button, you need to power on the machine again.

 Reset Button

After stopping the program, press this button to reset.




Medium Frequency Welding System Composition


Welding Controller, transformer, and welding work piece.

Welding controller includes the controlled rectifier, energy storage part, IGBT, power driving and central control part.









5 Inches Blue Display Screen

Rated Power


Input Voltage

AC 380V, 50Hz

Duty Cycle Rate


Maximum Short Circuit Current


Inverter Frequency


Welding Cycle Period


Welding Pulse Times


Current Slow Rise And Down Control


Stored Welding Models


Throat Depth


Cylinder Size






Sensor, LED and its lead, copper foil and vanished wire, relay, watch, capacitive slug and lead, copper wire, resistance pin, inductance, battery and stabilizer link, socket, silver contact and copper sheet, welding lightning with tungsten and molybdenum material, etc. 





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