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Detailed tutorial on the use of spot welders


Latest company news about Detailed tutorial on the use of spot welders

Detailed tutorial on the use of spot welders

We usually use the spot welding machine can be divided into industrial frequency AC spot welding machine, medium frequency inverter DC spot welding machine, capacitive energy storage spot welding machine three categories, the basic principles of welding are the same, all belong to the key application of resistance welding technology, so today we have not repeated the differences between them, mainly to share the use of spot welding machine tutorial.


The working principle of spot welding machine:

Spot welding machine welding mainly has single and double side double spot welding and two-sided double-point welding two ways. At present, two sides double point welding is the dominant method in the concrete application, with not less than 95% of the sales market share. Spot welder in the work, welding workpiece sandwiched in the middle of 2 electrodes, 2 electrodes rely on the cylinder to charge the workpiece, so that double metal workpieces at the pressure of 2 electrodes to produce a certain contact resistance. When the welding current of the spot welder flows from one electrode to another, resistor heat is generated at the point contact of the 2 workpieces, resulting in spot welding at the solder joint. Because the welding current of the spot welder is a circuit generated by the flow of two workpieces from another electrode into the electrode in one moment, the internal structure of the welding workpiece is not destroyed, ensuring the consistency of the original material characteristics.


Detailed tutorial on the use of spot welders:

1. Before the spot welder is applied, the electrode part must be adjusted so that the left and right electrode heads are in a pivot, so as to ensure the generation of current circuits and successful spot welding on the surface of the workpiece.

2. Turn on the spot welder switch power supply, ventilation, test pressure, small editor tips you must not forget the test pressure, which will not only endanger the welding quality of the product, but also endanger the application safety and service life of the spot welder.

3. Set the product welding parameters. The main welding parameters of the spot welder include welding current, welding time and welding pressure, and the tips prompts everyone to set these three welding parameters according to the specific conditions of the welding workpiece. In general, the pressure is operated at 0.2-0.4Mpa, according to which the direction must be converted, and the welding current is adjusted from small to large when adjusting to prevent the welding current from spilling or damaging the electrode. Three welding parameters adjustment complement each other, complement each other, indispensable, the tips prompts everyone all a product welding should have an extremely suitable welding parameters zero boundary point.

4. When the parameters are adjusted, it is possible to enter the product welding process. Place the weld in the middle of the two electrodes, step on the footplate, and touch and charge the upper electrode with the welding part, and when pressing down the stepping plate again, the spot welder implements the welding position. The welding process includes pre-pressurization, charging, heating welding, welding, quenching welding, maintenance and so on, and the parameters of this link can be adjusted according to the welding standards. In general, the welding of the general product does not need three charge and discharge welding, so heating and quenching two stages can generally be set to 0 can be.

5. According to the welding effect of the specific product, the welding parameters can be adjusted according to the target until the welding effect is satisfactory.

6. In the welding process, pay attention to the electrode head and the surface of the product removal, whether it is electrode or product, if the surface layer is dirty or uneven, will cause welding spill, and thus can not achieve high-quality welding effect. Therefore, before welding must be all dirty stains, oil stains, oxidized skin and rust to solve, hot-rolled steel, it is best to weld the first after acid washing, sandblasting or oxidation with grinding wheels. Although the welded parts that have not been removed can carry out welding, they can seriously reduce the service life of the electrodes and reduce the productivity and quality of welding.

7. The electrode head must be regularly polished and restored with fine sandpaper to ensure that the electrode surface is leveled and free of slag residue, so as to ensure the welding quality of the product.

8. When applying spot welding machines, employees should wear protective clothing, wear protective gloves, and the spot welding machine can not accumulate flammable materials nearby, to ensure that the working environment is wide, clean and tidy, to ensure the safety of spot welding machine applications.

9. In addition, the tips also prompted everyone to deactivate the spot welding machine, be sure to close the valve, water valve and power supply switch, in winter, also must eliminate the residual water of the waterway, in order to prevent freezing.

10. In the whole process of buying all a spot welder and installing the application, we must carefully understand the point welding machine manual, solicit the proposal of the point welding machine manufacturer technical staff, the strict equipment spot welder use tutorial to apply the spot welder.


At this stage, the sales market put more spot welding machines have medium-frequency spot welding machine, aluminum plate spot welding machine, galvanized plate spot welding machine, automatic nut spot welding machine, gantry double-head spot welding machine and a variety of automated welding equipment. The basic principles of welding of this spot welding machine are all the same, all resistance welding technology in the industrial industry, and the split out of the industry is mainly in accordance with the characteristics of product materials to make decisions. In addition, there are seam welding machine, butt welding machine, point projection welding machine these, are all point welding machine technology a widening.

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