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How to choose the right spot welder?HWASHI experts tell you!


Latest company news about How to choose the right spot welder?HWASHI experts tell you!

How to choose the right spot welder?HWASHI experts tell you!


How to choose the right and cost-effective spot welding machine is a lot of users are very concerned about the problem!The options include: brand, format, specification, price, etc.With years of experience in welding equipment service, Hwashi will tell you the secret of choosing resistance welding equipment!


First, you need to have your own budget and positioning.This is very important.How much money you plan to spend to solve a welding problem or meet a production need basically determines the direction of choice.With this direction, no time or effort will be wasted in the selection process.For example, for a common 22mm cold plate spot welding connection, the cheapest pedal-type AC spot welder costs only about 5,000 yuan, while a pneumatic AC spot welder with the same welding capacity costs more than 10,000 yuan, with an intermediate frequency inverter point.Welding machine about 50,000 yuan, the price is very different, but the welding quality is also very different!Thus, positioning and budgeting determine the scope of the model.


Second, clarify your welding requirements.In many cases, the customer does not know the inspection criteria for the product to be welded and therefore cannot choose the exact type!Generally, the requirements for welded parts are reflected in the following aspects: welding strength (tension, torque, thrust, shear force, etc.), appearance (deformation, discoloration) and welding efficiency.


For example, M8 four-angle nut projection welding and 2mm galvanized plate, the quality inspection standards of this nut projection welding are from low to high: torque, thrust, penetration, no retractor after penetration, if only torque is needed, the general DN-100 pneumatic AC projection welding machine can meet the requirements.If you want to meet the requirements of thrust and penetration, the need for DB-220 if inverter projection welder.If penetrations are required and cannot be returned to the teeth, use the DR-15000J energy storage projection welder!Prices rose from the lowest of more than $20,000 to the highest of more than $200,000, a difference of nearly ten times!At the same time, intensity requirements of the height also decided the same model of different specifications of the choice.For example, when the strength requirements are low, you can choose a lower power spot welder.


In addition, you need to evaluate your own grid power capacity.The power of spot welders is usually high, about 200KVA per revolution.Often, users who choose a model for the first time are unaware that their grid may be inadequate.After the equipment is returned to the factory, it will be unusable or unable to make full use of its revenue, resulting in huge waste!


Finally, be careful to leave a margin.This is a problem that customers tend to overlook.Because price is considered when selecting a model, the current product of the selected model is correct.When the part to be welded is large and the welding capacity is found insufficient, you can only pay for an update.Buy more powerful projection welders!On the face of it, the initial choice saved the investment, but ended up wasting money!


Guangdong Hwashi Technology INC. is specialized in the production of series resistance welding machine (spot welding, touch welding, seam welding, row welding, butt welding) and industrial robots (six axis mechanical arm, welding robot, and loading robot, transfer robot, grinding and polishing robot, painting robot, glue robot) research and development, design, production, sales, service as one of the high-tech enterprises.Products are mainly used in household appliances, kitchen appliances, lighting, hardware tools, electrical and electrical, instrumentation, 3C electronic industry, auto and motorcycle parts, military aviation and other fields.According to customer needs, we can develop and customize various welding machines, automatic welding equipment and welding assembly lines, assembly lines, etc., to provide appropriate overall automation solutions for enterprise transformation and upgrading, and help enterprises quickly realize the service of transformation and upgrading from traditional production mode to middle and high-end production mode.

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