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How to select a nut welder?Hwashi help you answer!


Latest company news about How to select a nut welder?Hwashi help you answer!

How to select a nut welder?Hwashi help you answer!


There are three kinds of nut projection welding machine: pneumatic AC nut projection welding machine, medium frequency inverter nut projection welding machine, capacitor energy storage nut projection welding machine.The application scope and features are as follows:


1. Pneumatic AC nut projection welding machine


Applicable to the projection welding nut requirements are not high, only torque or thrust requirements of the occasion.Need to close the force, generally only suitable for welding M10 below the square projection welding nut, plate thickness is not more than 2.5mm, the material is ordinary cold plate or galvanized plate.Examples include projection welding of nuts on chassis, cabinets and equipment housings.


2. Medium frequency inverter nut projection welding machine


Suitable for parts with high quality requirements for nut projection welding, not only torque and downforce requirements, but also welding and melt depth requirements, suitable for all AC nut projection mold welding machine welding range, suitable for small hexagonal nut projection welding, ring projection welding , galvanized plate nut projection welding, galvanized nut projection welding, high-strength plate nut projection welding, welding after welding does not return welding, such as automotive manufacturing industry for body parts, chassis, CCB and other components of the nut projection welding.


3. Capacitor energy storage nut projection welding machine


High requirements for nut projection welding can be met, such as projection welding of nuts on thermoformed steel in the automotive industry. Due to the strength of the plate, other welding methods can be used. When the nut rises and collapses, it still can't form a core! Currently, only energy storage nut projection welding machine meet their stringent torque, thrust, splash, fusion and reliability requirements.


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